canine paw protectionCustomers often refer to our Grip Trex™ and Skyliner™ boots as “winter boots.”  But did you know these boots were first created to provide paw protection on the trail year round?

There are major advantages to protecting your dog’s feet in the summer months.  Among them, boots will prevent injury from over-exertion, new terrain, hot surfaces, and sharp rocks.  If your dog has ever had a paw injury on the trail, you know that carrying a dog (especially a large one) back to the trailhead is no fun, so preventive paw wear should always be a consideration.

Go farther, longer.

As humans increase the number and duration of their activities, dogs are often not conditioned to do the same. Our gear-enhanced activities allow us to go farther, longer and on unusual terrain that unprotected dog paws are not equipped to handle.

Avoid the prickles.

Not only will these boots keep your dog’s paws in good shape, they can protect against nuisances such as crab grass, foxtails, stinging nettles, and snowballs.

Protect against paw injuries.

Dog boots can prevent a variety of injuries from the surfaces we walk and run on, on the trail or in urban environments. Trail running and walking is hard feet and paws alike—rocks, roots, mud, snow, or ice can be torturous. Generally, dogs’ paws become conditioned to run on familiar surfaces after a few weeks, but new terrain and changing environmental conditions can cause stone bruising, cuts, and blistered pads.

Hot surfaces are hard on paws.

Pavement can be just as hard on dogs’ paws.  Pavement comes in thousands of textures and can be extremely abrasive—hot in summer, freezing in winter and sometimes riddled with glass and sharp metal debris, and laced with oils, solvents and de-icing chemicals.

One more important reminder.  Don’t forget that just like your hiking boots, your dog’s boots will require a break-in period. And don’t forget…for most dogs, footwear is a new concept. The first time your dog tries on a pair of Bark’n Boots™ it will be difficult not to laugh at what we call the “boot dance.” This is normal. Once you have the boots in place, immediately engage in your pup’s favorite activity (chasing a ball, catching a flying disk, or just running). After this “break in period” you and your buddy are ready to explore.

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  1. My German Shepherd, Mr. Capice, had very thin paw coverings that bled when exposed as a result of long term predisone use. I unsuccessfully tried many different booties. Finally, I learned about the Ruff Wear booties. Although Mr. Capice has since passed away, the Ruff Wear booties enabled him to have a number of walks that otherwise would have been impossible. Thank you for these marvelous dog shoes. I intend to order a pair for our Golden Retriever, Diesel, for walks on hot asphalt and rugged trails.

    Linda Mansi, Santa Rosa, CA.

  2. Are there any good boots like these for little dogs? I would love to get some summer boots like these for my Shih Tzus who come on hikes with us. Mind you they do get to ride in a back pack when they get tired but they like the adventure just as much as the bigger dogs and the boots they have are fine for the cold weather but I don’t want to put winter boots on them in the summer.


      1. I did see the skyliner boots, but because the other one was listed for hot/mild weather I thought they would be better. I like the idea of the mesh that allows air circulation. Would you advise the other ones for hot weather?

        1. Hi Ginny,
          That’s a great question.

          The Skyliner boots are very light weight. My dog has worn them all through summer here in the high desert. They are also great for protecting against hot pavement.

          I do think that the Skyliner boots will be the only ones that would potentially fit your canine for sizing reasons.


  3. My male boxer loves them. These boots are great with an exception. I have had to take them back twice due to the stitching coming appart around the toe and sides. The first pair lasted about 9 months of wearing every weekend, and the second pair last about 2 wears until I took them back. Great boots, but the stitching does not hold up as well as the rest of the materials. He has used them on trails, fields, rivers, pools, and anywhere else you can imagine.

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