summer funSun shining but don’t know what to do?  Here are ten ideas for summer fun with your dog:

1. Let the trail be your dog run.

True to the Ruff Wear culture, what’s better than spending time enjoying nature with your favorite four-legged friend?

2. Head to the water.

If you live near a lake, river, beach, or swimming hole, cool down on a hot day by taking your canine companion for a swim.  If you don’t live near a natural body of water, don’t let that stop you.  Fill up a $10 kiddy pool and let Fido splash the day away!

3. Through the hoop.

Use a hula-hoop and dog treat to encourage your dog to jump through the hoop.  Slowly raise the hoop higher and higher to see how high your dog can jump.

4. Marathon fetch.

Why send your dog after one fetch toy when you can send him after…2…3…4 toys?  Throw one toy out and as your dog makes it back, throw another.  How many can he fit in his mouth?

5. Bark at the Park.

Many smaller-division baseball teams hold “Bark in the Park” days, allowing people to bring their dogs along for a game on designated days.

6. Social hour.

What’s more fun than a dog in a park?  Multiple dogs off-leash in a park.  For listing of off-leash parks in your state, check out:

7. Bubblicious.

If you haven’t ever seen a dog around bubbles, you’ve missed out on quite a treat.  Using either a small bottle of kid’s bubbles (be sure to use non-toxic formula) or a large wand and bubble tray, blow bubbles your dog’s way and watch them chase, snap, and pop the bubbles away.

8. Scavenger Hunt.

Hiding treats or kibble around the yard or park will make for hours of fun.  Start by asking, “Where’s the treat?” and then praise them when they find one.

9. Dog Soccer.

In an open, dog-friendly area, kick the ball toward your dog a let him nose it back to you.

10. Water Fetch.

A dock, shore, or even a swim pool can be a great place to engage your dog in a game of water fetch.  For beginner fetchers, try using large, bright-colored toys that float on the surface, such as the Ruff Wear Lunker™.  For added challenge for an experienced fetcher, try rubber toys that float just below the surface (like an ice cube) and encourage your dog to fetch it by putting their face in the water.

Your turn:  What are your favorite activities to do with your dog in the summer?

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  1. Me and my dog… whenever we are bored we usually play hide and seek. But since I bought her a toy from biteem its never the same. She enjoy herself alone playing.

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