August Ruff Wear Featured Comment of the Month

From: Matt Krull and Chance

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

I recently purchased an Approach dog pack for my dog Chance. I believe
he has some suggestions for its improvement.
He had serious concerns about the pack when first forced to wear it; his
opinion made clear by a slow and embarrassed gait when walking in

However, once we got into the trails was quick to correct the issues
with your design.

First, it was too bright and clean. He solved this by repeatedly
running the packs into trees, rocks, and through mud puddles.

Secondly, it did not smell appropriate for a discerning dog. He
improved upon this by rolling in a careful mixture of mud, bear poop,
and dead birds. I’m afraid I didn’t record the exact proportions, your
R&D folks will need to work that out for themselves.

Now that the colour and smell have been improved to his satisfaction,
Chance seems quiet pleased with his new back pack.

Thanks for a good product.

Matt and Chance on a Biking Adventure
Matt and Chance on a Biking Adventure

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