swamp coolerAs the mercury rises, a dog’s tolerance to heat lessens, forcing them to find shade, lie down, and pant the heat away.  Keeping your dog active in high temperatures is a challenge, and can even be dangerous to their health.

 One solution is the Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler™ cooling vest.  Whether in the desert, on the beach, boating in open water, or playing in the sun, the Swamp Cooler acts as an air conditioner to keep your dog cool. 

 How does it work?

 The Swamp Cooler uses evaporative technology to help pull heat up and away from the dog.  Just soak the coat with water, ring out, and place on the dog.  As the water on the coat evaporates, heat is displaced, thereby chilling the dog, much like an actual swamp cooler does for a house.

 In addition to providing a cooling sensation, the Swamp Cooler also reflects incoming rays, and acts as a SPF blocker against UV rays.

swampcooler technology

Bark at Us: What other solutions have you found for keeping your dog cool and active in the summer heat?

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  1. I read an article on heat stroke in dogs and in it it stated that you should never cover the dog in a wet towel in an attempt to cool them down because it will trap the heat in. Was that article wrong?

    1. The Swamp Cooler™ is made of a breathable fabric specifically designed to displace heat. However, it is not designed to treat heat stroke, only help prevent it.

      In the actual case of heat stroke, it is recommended that the dog be moved to a cool, shaded area and submerged or sprayed with water. The cooling process should be stopped when the dog’s temperature reaches 104 degrees F, at which time the dog should be encouraged to drink.

  2. How well does the swampcooler vest work on Northern breed dogs? And does it work with muggy weather, or just dry heat? We have an Alaskan Malamute (non-wooly coat) who isn’t a fan of our hot, muggy Virginia summers, but I’ve held off on purchasing the swampcooler vest because I’m not sure how much help it will be.

    Also, is it designed to work with a backpack?

    1. The Swamp Cooler is designed to work with a variety of breeds, from small short-haired dogs to long-haired Northern breeds. In fact, we have a Malamute in-house that has product tested this garment.

      Generally, evaporative technology is most effective in dry weather, but we’ve had tests and reviews from around the country that have been very positive. Feel free to check some reviews out at:


      Finally, the Swamp Cooler should fit underneath your Ruff Wear pack, though it will less effective because less surface area is exposed to allow for evaporation.

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