Get the Ruff Wear water bowl ready—we’ve got company coming over!  Canine company!

P1010094 To celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Bring Your Dog to Work Day,” the Ruff Wear office has turned into a pseudo dog park for the day.  Most of the 13 cubes have at least one dog leashed to their desk for the day, and a call to our customer service lines sends a stereo of barks throughout.

 We’ve been told, “studies show that pets in the workplace boost employee morale, productivity and even sales” and we believe it!  Having the dogs here has allowed us to test new products, exercise with our canine friends at lunch, and completely immerse ourselves in the canine lifestyle. 

 Did you bring your dog to work today and would like to highlight stories of the days successes (or mishaps!)?

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  1. I brought my chihuahua to work today. We went to Lexidog at lunch in pursuit of a duffle bag for dogs. A friend of mine had one at a recent camping outing. I thought it was made by Ruffwear but the store hadn’t heard of such a product and I don’t see it on the web site. It’s just a duffle bag about the size of a gym bag with lots of compartments for your dog stuff. Not to be confused with a dog bag that you put your toy breed in. Does Ruffwear carry a duffle bag?

    1. We used to carry a duffle bag like you explain called the “Wag Bag”. Though we are currently out of inventory on this item, I googled “Ruff Wear Wag Bag” and found a few online dealers that still have the product. I would recommend doing the same if your interested in the product.

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