We are always looking for new, innovative, and fun activities involving dogs. After seeing an increasing number of people around town being pulled on skateboards by their dogs, it inspired us to look at different dog-powered sports…and we found the perfect Ruff Wear activity–skijoring!

Skijoring is a combination of all of our favorite things–mountain snow, skiing, dogs, and bungee leads–we couldn’t resist getting out with said gear and going for it. The result? A whole lot of chaos, adventure, and fun. Here are a few things we learned:

1. Cattle dogs would prefer to herd you rather than pull you on skis
2. Don’t ever assume a dog is tired enough to be let off-leash
3. The force of one Malamute is greater than two 40-pound dogs of mixed heritage
4. Skijoring without a bungee may cause whiplash
5. Caution: unpredictable turns and stops may occur

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It was great for a first adventure and we’d love to hear from amateur and experienced skijorers alike!

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