After a whirlwind adventure that took us from Vail, to Boulder, to Fort Collins and back to Denver, Greg and I are excited to be back to the high desert we call home—Bend, Oregon—to share the adventures of our week-long journey in the Centennial State.

Our travels to Colorado went a lot smoother than our travels home.  The weather was great despite our 5:15am flight out, and our trip was topped by the luxury of sleeping in nice, comfy First Class seats when we were upgraded for free because of Greg’s MVP Gold status (Greg is one of the only MVP’s that’s ever made gold status based on number of legs, not total miles!).

Teva Games Dock Diving
Teva Games Dock Diving

Once we landed in Colorado, we headed East to Vail to set up our booth for the TEVA Mountain Games.  This was our first time attending the event and we couldn’t believe the fun and excitement surrounding Vail.  The next three days were spent fitting Ruff Wear gear on a variety of dogs from Whippets to Bernese Mountain Dogs.  We managed to each get away for a few hours to take a look at all the great events taking place, such as the kayaking competitions, free running shows, mountain biking races, and our favorite—Dog Dock Diving!  Our only complaint the whole time was that we stuffed ourselves with too much pizza, pasta and German food!

From Vail, we headed to visit dealers in Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver.  We got to see a lot of great stores that carry our gear, and meet a lot of great dogs such as Chewy, from Chewy’s Bonetique in Denver, who, despite his recent toe amputation, was able to model his favorite Ruff Wear gear for us.
Chewy (on right) showing off his Ruff Wear gear
Chewy (on right) showing off his Ruff Wear gear

On the seventh day we were ready to head back.  We’d seen it all in terms of weather (snow, wind, rain, sun, and even funnel clouds!), so we weren’t surprised that our flight was delayed due to thunderstorms in Denver.  Unfortunately, that gave us only three minutes to make our connection flight.  Me, pregnant and with a bum ankle, had to send Greg running ahead to hold the plane, and he did so with great conviction!  I made the flight with less than one minute to spare!

It was a great adventure and we thank everyone for sharing their time and adventures with us in Colorado!

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    1. So sorry we missed you. We only managed one appointment in Ft. Collins due to our tight schedule, but we’ll be sure to stop by next time if we get to go back to the Teva Games!

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