June Ruff Wear Featured Comment of the Month

From: Andrea Kaelin and Rescue

Location: Stafford, Virginia

None of our previous Dalmatians ever cared about a frisbee enough to chase it and fetch it. But, Rescue, now 7, has spent the last few years loving his Hover Craft.

As a young pup, he destroyed every frisbee thrown – the cheap plastic ones from PetSmart, the higher end rubber frisbees, the durable fabric frisbees, triangular frisbees, boomerangs, etc. You see, we don’t just catch the frisbee and bring it back to the owner’s feet. Rescue catches, shakes it violently, steps on it, throws it for himself, runs around like a madman, and then wants to play tug-of-war with the frisbee. No other frisbee lasted more than a month, and some only a few minutes. And then, we met the Hover Craft.

It holds up to all the tearing, tugging, shaking, scratching, ripping, freezing, fetching, drenching abuse that he puts it through – and best of all, STILL flies straight and true, in case some humans want to get in on a game of frisbee.

We’ve loved our Hover Craft for about 3 years now – each winter, it almost always gets accidentally left outside, only to be eventually found under the melting snow.

As he gets older, it is wonderful for him to be able to play with a frisbee that doesn’t hurt his teeth when he catches it, and doesn’t hurt his head when he whips it from side to side in a victory dance.

I just bought a new Hover Craft, but I’m giving it away to a pair of terriers since ours is still in great shape!

Thanks for making such a durable product.

Rescue and His Hover Craft

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