In midst of planning those BBQ’s, taking off on a hike, or finalizing your travel plans, consider this: Did you know more accidents occur during the summer months (between Memorial Day and Labor Day) than any other time of year?

The reason is simple.  From water safety, to heat exhaustion, to trips and falls—people get out more, go farther, and participate longer in their activities.  Here are five tips for keeping Fido safe during the summer months:

  1. Sun – Yes, even dogs can get burned!  Protect your dog’s nose by throwing on a layer of sun block over that sniffer.
  2. Dehydration – Keep your dog cool and hydrated even during moderate heat and activity.  Remember, they are working out in a custom-fitted fur coat.
  3. Bugs – Fleas and ticks cause irritation and sometimes spread disease and illness.  Arm your dog with a layer of bug protection before heading outdoors.
  4. Drinking Water – Even though Rover may drink out of puddles and toilets, still lake and pond water can be contaminated with parasites that cause illness such as Giardia.  The best option is to bring along water from home to keep your dog hydrated.
  5. Injury – Carry a canine First Aid Kit with you on your adventures.  Carrying a 2-pound First Aid kit on your way up can prevent carrying a 70-pound injured dog back!

What precautions do you take with your dog before heading out on a summer adventure?

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