My dog Badger is a total spaz.  That’s the only excuse I have.  Well, and the fact that he’s gained 10 pounds since our baby was born six months ago.  He partially tore his Achilles tendon last week when he slipped on our wood floors after I casually mentioned a potential “walk” later in the day.   Like I said, total spaz.


So he is on bed rest.  But for us, that means one leashed walk around the neighborhood per day.  His normal daily walks involve a couple miles of off-leash rambling through the sage and ponderosas in the open space behind our house.  So I’m not used to handling a leash, save for the Quick Draw™, which Badger wears wrapped around his collar.

Our new on-leash neighborhood jaunts have required the use of the Roamer™ leash, which allows him to investigate as much as possible without putting sprinter pressure on his Achilles.  The problem I’m having is that with all that roaming space and because he is a spaz, he is stepping over the leash on occasion and getting tangled, which requires me to bend down and free him.

Is this a problem that happens to anyone else?  What solutions have you found?  Does it make sense to invent a leash that prevents this from happening?  Is there a product out there that already does this?  Of course training the dog is one option, but did I mention that my dog is a total spaz?

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    1. Maybe we used that term a little loosely. Clumsy and inept was what we were going for, but after checking out different definitions on Wikipedia, I see your correct, and this term (especially in the UK) is not appropriate. Thank you for keeping us pc.

  1. Donovan gets his legs tangled in the Roamer™ every now and then. It’s a pain. What about a handle in the mid-point of the leash? This would give the human a place to hold on and/or double up with the actual handle to shorten the leash…

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