UFC_sunriseyellowYour dog’s fun shouldn’t be limited by a canine life jacket. For a canine life jacket to function as designed, the fit is critical. A properly fitted life jacket will ensure the dog will not slip or fall out of the jacket. Ruff Wear suggests using a girth measurement (around the widest part of the ribcage) to fit a canine life jacket.

A good canine life jacket will be designed to assist your dog in the water, floating them in a natural, horizontal swim position. The life jacket should not inhibit a dog’s natural ability to swim. If the life jacket in any way impedes your dog’s ability to swim, there is a potential for risk, causing the dog to be unable to swim out of the situation.

Click here for a video on the construction of canine float coats.

Click here for more tips on canine water safety.

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  1. We got a life jacket for are maltse april put it on and it fit but when we tryed it in are bathtub she tipped onto her side do you think the life jacket has anything to do with i??

    1. Hi Ainsly,
      Can you send us a picture of the coat on your dog? We would need to see the fit to see if that is the issue.

  2. I am looking for a life jacket that will fit a whippet. I have tried alot and so far none have been able to fit the unusal form of a whippet ( large chest and narrow waist )

    1. We recently went to an event where we fitted a couple whippets in our gear. If you measure around the girth of your dog and it fits within the perimeters of our sizing chart for the Portage Float Coat, then it should fit just fine. Best of luck!

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